Beside the Seaside at Southwold!

Southwold is a perfectly unspoilt small seaside village along the Suffolk Coast of England.  Full of the quaint and quirky images that you associate with a proper British holiday!  My great grandparents lived here and I have visited countless times since I was little.  I love Southwold and like many other people that go, I find myself getting very inspired by the beach huts, the lighthouse, the pier, the common, the church, the harbour….  There are stacks of wonderful images to photograph, paint and draw!  I have decided that one of my series of fabric pictures is going to be Southwold.  This one is called ‘Beside the Seaside at Southwold’.


A closer look!

Beside the Seaside at Southwold

Beside the Seaside at Southwold!

I really want this series of pictures to capture the vibrant, timeless feel of this wonderful place.  I want them to make you smile and think of lazy days, of sitting in a deck chair on the beach watching the waves roll in whilst the kids are busy building their sandcastles.

IMG_0732I would thoroughly recommend a visit if you’ve never been.  It is a very special place.


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