Washi Pattern from Made by Rae – Adapted!!

I came across a really great blog for sewing – http://www.made-by-rae.com and downloaded the Washi Pattern.  This was the first time I have ever downloaded a pattern and wasn’t really too sure what to expect.  I printed out all the pattern pieces and instructions on my little HP printer and taped the pieces together (bit like doing a jigsaw!)  It was much easier than I anticipated.  The instruction sheet from Rae was really comprehensive (more straightforward and easy to follow than your standard New Look/Butterick/Vogue patterns from the shops).

My sister loved the pattern too and requested a Washi tunic so this is how it turned out!


White and simple and great to wear with jeans.

After my first attempt I decided that I wanted a summer dress to wear for work but was looking for something a little more fitted so I found some spotty fabric that I liked and and cut out the basic Washi dress pattern without pockets.  Because I wanted it to be more fitted I took in the sides and sewed down the pleats to the waist.  I also extended the sheering elastic at the back to give me a tailored look from behind!  This is how it turned out!




Now I am waiting for our great British Summer to start so I can actually wear it!!!


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