Jamie’s Painted Furniture

This weekend has been about paint for me!!  A lot of people would not be in their element painting all weekend but sadly that is a pretty good one for me!!  Really getting on with Jamie’s room now and as it takes shape I am constantly spurred on to work on the next bit.  Having got the wall art in place I wanted to paint up all of his furniture to co-ordinate and am really loving this grey colour.


The furniture I have painted was all a bit of a jumble.  A couple of pieces from Jamie’s old room (originally from Ikea) but other bits have come from charity shops and the little corner unit has been in the shed for years!!


Nothing matched and it was all different colours.  I should have taken pictures of everything before I started but as usual I was just too keen to get it all done!!  I went for a Dulux paint from their Endurance range – Chic Shadow.  This is just a matt emulsion meant for walls so I’m hoping that it will last.  It did seem to adhere well and it was a lovely smooth textured paint to work with.  To make it wipeable I have also varnished all the furniture with a matt varnish.  Fingers crossed it will do the job but I have loads left over if I need to touch up!!


Ignore the screwed up curtains in the background.  I should have ironed them before I put them up.  I plan to turn them into roman blinds for the windows as I think that this will give a more contemporary look to the room so I haven’t really bothered trying to make them look nice at the moment.


The wardrobe has turned out particularly well.  Another charity shop bargain.  I have since seen wardrobes on the internet that look very similar for over £600!


IMG_0608 - Version 2

This was the original colour of the wardrobe.  It looked rather dirty from years of  use.  We cleaned it inside and out before lightly sanding it down to paint.  I am not great at preparation and I am sure that I should have probably worked a bit harder at this.  I am looking into chalk paint at the moment as this does seem to be the way forward when it comes to painting furniture and so long as the furniture is clean I gather that you don’t have to sand it down… this will suit me down to the ground!

IMG_4929 - Version 2

The Wall art turned out to be much bigger than I was expecting but Jamie loves it!!  My mum brought it for him for Christmas from Argos so it wasn’t until I unrolled all the sections that we realised it was huge!!!  It came on a black background and didn’t fit on the wall.  So I cut it out and removed the black background.  The picture rail also meant that I had to cut out a third storm trooper from the centre of the image but I think that we got away with it.  It took me an evening to cut out and an afternoon to paste on the wall!


With the key elements of the room completed my thoughts have been turning to the soft furnishings and I have been scouring the web for ideas.  I am definitely going to go for roman blinds for the windows and I really like the idea of making a patchwork quilt for the bed along with some grey and turquoise cushions….  Also looking for a rug for the room.  Please can someone arrange to add a couple of extra hours to the day!  Not sure what I will get done in the next week with the children off for half-term hols but will try and post again soon.


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