Sofia’s Painted Wardrobe

So I’m turning my attentions to my daughter’s room and really like the Middleton Pink shade of paint by Farrow and Ball.  I have tried it out on an old wardrobe:-


The picture below shows what it looked like before I started.  A nice solid piece of furniture from a charity warehouse.  It needed to be rubbed down and I had to fit shelves and hanging rail as it was totally empty inside.


I really love the Farrow and Ball colour that we used.  It’s a really subtle pink so satisfies Sofia’s insistence that everything in her room will be pink and also ticks my box for wanting a light and airy room.


The paint goes on well and has an eggshell finish.  I am not certain however if this is really the right choice of paint for furniture as it does not seem to be a really durable finish.  You can see a few chips in the paintwork where we moved the wardrobe into the bedroom.  Although I will touch up these spots I think I will also have to varnish to give a tougher finish.

Overall I’m pleased but I am very keen to look into chalk paint for my next furniture projects to check out how this compares.  From what I am reading on the web this seems a good choice of paint for furniture so I am very keen to give it a go.  If you have any feedback on chalk paint please post your experience!


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