Pasion for Paint!!

Well I never would have thought I would admit to having a thing about paint!!  But I confess this has become a very real guilty pleasure!!!  I realised this today when I went into a little local shop and became very animated and excited about buying a couple of tins of paint!! What has my life come to!!!  Nevertheless it was a great escape during my lunch hour and the high point of my day!!!

I have recently been painting furniture and have dabbled with a number of products so far.  After some research, I have been really keen to try a chalk paint product and discovered this marvellous little shop just round the corner from my office.  Click here to check out their website.

My purchases today:


I want to paint the wooden bed frame in Sofia’s room so have chosen a very pale pastel pink which is a similar shade to the Farrow and Ball paint that I’ve already used on some of her other pieces of furniture.  My little project for the weekend!  Soooooooo exciting!!  Hopefully there will be some pictures to post by Sunday…..


4 thoughts on “Pasion for Paint!!

    • Thanks for your kind comments. I also loved your floor mat designs. I plan to paint my floor boards throughout our house so have been looking out for rugs. Your post has given me another option to consider! Looking forward to being further inspired by your posts. 🙂

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