Our chalk painted bed!

What a weekend!  Got lots done so feeling good.   The bed I planned to paint is now pink!! My experiment with a chalk paint has been a success!!  I would thoroughly recommend the Autentico range that I purchased through My Little Vintage Attic.  As you would expect it has a smooth and chalky texture that adheres well.

I gave the bed three fine coats of paint and then finished off with a clear wax to seal and protect the surface.  The paint is touch dry very quickly in about 20 minutes.  Being keen to re-coat I applied my second coat after about half an hour… though I think next time I will be a little more patient as I did have a couple of small patches where my second coat pulled away the first coat. This didn’t really matter as the third coat sorted that out!

The paint doesn’t have much of a smell to it at all and washes out of brushes easily with a little soap and water.  The wax has a real ‘furniture’ polish smell to it which I really liked!!

So here are the results!

IMG_4961 and after!Pink Painted Bed

Really pleased!  The bed tones in well with the other pieces of furniture that I have already painted.

You will notice from the pictures that we have also spent the weekend stripping wall paper!  Mostly I have to thank my lovely husband for helping with that horrible job!  I cannot stand wood chip wallpaper!!


It’s only a fairly small room but it has taken us hours to remove the hideous stuff!!!IMG_4967

With that  hateful task out of the way another has been created!!  Talk about ‘do a job, make a job’!  The old plaster on the walls has in places come away with the wallpaper!!!  Nothing like turning a small room into a more major decorating project….IMG_4975Those YouTube plastering tutorials will come in handy again!!!  Can’t wait to get it all finished.    Walls next, then floor, then blind for the window and soft furnishings… if only it could be done as quickly as it is to write!!!


3 thoughts on “Our chalk painted bed!

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    • Thank’s for that – I hadn’t thought about making my own paint but what an idea!!! Just need a bit of spare time to do it in! I am currently tarting up our kitchen with Autentico’s Velvet paint which is another chalk based paint. On to the second coat and then need to finish it with sealer! Will post more pictures shortly – this job’s taking me a bit longer than the bed!!

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