Shirt to Skirt!

After watching a few episodes of The Great British Sewing Bee I thought I’d try out a bit of up- cycling just to see if I could do it myself!  Whilst I have altered clothes in the past I’ve not really  transformed them from one garment into another and it looked like fun.  So I raided my husband’s wardrobe and found an old shirt that he didn’t really wear anymore (I did ask him first!!!)  Here is his old shirt:IMG_5093

And after a bit of fiddling here is my new skirt!



It’s definitely wearable and cost me nothing.  This skirt will be perfect for work.  I would thoroughly recommend having a go at up-cycling the next time you bag up a load of old clothes.  Think I will try to be a bit more wacky next time… have my eye on a few more old shirts that haven’t been worn for a while!!!


One thought on “Shirt to Skirt!

  1. What a great skirt you made. I think I will have to closer look at my husband’s old shirts. Perhaps I can also find some gems.

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