My ‘Left-Over’ Bag!!

Back from a two week holiday and itching to do something with my sewing machine I wanted to give myself a quick and satisfying project that I could complete in an evening. Whilst I couldn’t sew on holiday I did do quite a bit of thinking and one of the things I’ve been contemplating is what I could do with all my leftover bits and pieces of fabric (of which I have carrier bags full!!!). Whilst looking for inspiration on the internet I came across this fabulous bag pattern that I was instantly drawn to.

SusieDDesigns has some fabulous patterns to download on her Etsy shop and knowing I have a lot of ‘bag sized left-over’ pieces of material, I immediately downloaded this pattern when I got home.

This is how things turned out!

Beach Hut Bag

Well I have to say I’m very pleased with the result!!  As I was just using up left-over bits and pieces, I didn’t have any iron on interfacing and I used a thick blanket type fabric as an interlining with the cotton print dress fabric that I wanted to use up.  I think that consequently I have ended up with a much softer and padded feel to my bag than you possibly want but I am not going to let this worry me!!  The pattern was really easy to follow and downloaded really quickly. There were only a couple of pattern pieces that needed to be stuck together – it was super easy to see what went with what.  SusieD’s instructions were extremely clear and I had no problem whatsoever in following how the bag needed to be put together.

Beach hut Bag

After I had cut out all of the pieces it probably took me a couple of hours to sew everything up so if you’re looking for a project that gives you results fast then this pattern really does deliver.  I have a basic Singer Sewing Machine which is classed as a ‘heavy duty’ machine so this might have made light work of the thickness I had to sew through at times.  Before embarking on this project I think that I anticipated that it would quite tricky and fiddly to make a bag and I was really  surprised by how easy it actually was.  I really like the detail inside the bag with a lovely big pocket for storing all those bits and pieces that inevitably end up in the bottom of our bags!

Inside my bag

I am really hooked now and plan on making some more ‘left-over’ bags.  Next time I want to do it properly with some iron on interfacing and see how the result compares.  I’ll keep you posted!!  Many thanks to SusieD for her lovely pattern! x


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