Cute as a Button!!

Button pictures

Just getting round to posting some of my latest creations!!  Looking for ideas for teacher’s presents at the end of the Summer Term, I came across some hugely expensive button pictures on ‘’.  They were lovely but quite outside my budget (£60 – £70 each)!  However I have a big jar of buttons and the ‘crafter’ in me just had to have a go!!

I printed out a stalk and leaf for my apple from a picture I got from the internet and then added a few guide dots in the shape of an apple.  All I had to do next was to arrange my buttons and sequins on the page and glue them into place.  Simple.  I had some box frames from IKEA which cost me around £3.00 each so I made each apple the right size to fit and mounted them into the frames.  All that was left was a little personalised label and job done!


I have two children still at primary school so ended up making pictures for three teachers (my daughter had two teacher’s who job shared this year) and of course I couldn’t forget the classroom assistants!


Wrapped in clear cellophane paper and a bit of gift ribbon they look the business and I estimate that they cost me around £6.00 each to make – a much more affordable price for an end of term gift!!!  ….And very well received by the teachers too!!!


3 thoughts on “Cute as a Button!!

    • Thanks Amanda, I like to make something for my children’s teachers when I get a chance. They dedicate so much time to the children during the term time that I feel spending a bit of time myself doing something for them is the least I can do. It is becoming more difficult to find things to do that are original and different!! Very glad you like them!

      • I bet they were so delighted and grateful for all the thought you put into it! You have 11 months now to think up the next! 🍎🍏🍊

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