Alright all white!!!

It has been a while since my last post but I have been busy ‘doing’ and sadly have had little time for ‘recording’!  My Hallway has dominated the last month, having pulled up the pink carpet we have spent hours de-nailing and then sanding the floorboards.


I have been debating the practicalities of having a white floor in our hallway ever since I painted the floor boards white in my son’s room.  Will it be cold downstairs without carpet, will I be forever cleaning it, how will a painted floor wear in an area of high traffic???  The only way to satisfy myself was to go for it!!  White washed floors remind me of holiday homes by the sea and I love the idea of walking into our house and somehow capturing the thought of relaxing by the beach as I step though the front door!!  Well, I would say that we have a way to go yet but everything is now white!!!!


I am pleased so far.  Still have another coat or two to go before it’s finished and then we’ll see how it performs!  I am also planning on re-covering my hallway chair (another project for another day!) with some suitable beach themed fabric and I would like a nice big rug too if I can manage to find one that goes with my picture!

I will of course post some more pictures as we progress.  Off to carry on with the painting now!


9 thoughts on “Alright all white!!!

    • Thanks Lucie, I brought the mirror online a couple of years ago for a small room in our old house. I remember it being a really good buy and it definitely fits in our hall. I am a Zumba instructor in my spare time and wanted a big mirror that I could practice in front of!! 🙂

  1. I painted my floors as well first with primer then two coats of paint then I added a thick coat of poly. For the most part it held up pretty good but my house has no insluation under it so ever speck of dust came through and I eventually wound up covering it with carpet. How is your holding up so far as it has been 4 months now

    • Sorry not to have responded sooner!!!! The floor is still holding up okay! It does get a lot of traffic with the kids going through all the time. I have a rug in the middle now for a splash of colour and that is taking a bashing with quite a few marks! The floor boards round the edge still look in good shape and I still love the white. For a cheap makeover it has been a good choice. In an ideal world if I had the money I would probably go for some kind of white-washed wood laminate flooring just for added insulation but I love the look and don’t find it too bad to maintain. Thanks for your comment. X

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