My First Upholstery Project!

My Mum had this old chair that I rather liked – just a reproduction piece that had seen better days.  She has revamped her house and didn’t want it anymore.  I had the perfect spot for it so I brought a staple gun to see what I could do with it!!!!


It had a nice saggy seat and was covered in a very dusty velvet fabric!!  Not really knowing what I was doing I started to pull it all to pieces.  First the trim which pulled off fairly easily.


Then hundreds and hundreds of staples.  Along all the fabric edges and then stacks more on the cardboard backing!


By the time all the fabric had been removed my fingers were absolutely raw.  For me this was definitely the most time consuming part of the project.


It was also fascinating to see how the chair had been constructed and how rough and raw it looked when you finally got right inside.


I took pictures as I went so I would remember how it all came to pieces.  Then I embarked on putting it all back together again in reverse.  I used the fabric that I removed as my pattern pieces, painted the frame and then got busy with my staple gun.


So pleased with the result!  I would definitely recommend having a go at this if you have an old tired piece of furniture that needs a makeover.  Amazingly there was absolutely no sewing involved at all!!!



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